Profit eagle

New Software Creates Affiliate Money Machines That Rake In $155.34/Day Without Selling While Building Your List For FREE.


Watch this video and see a live campaign being created!

Here are the main features of Profit Eagle;

No Monthly Fees
1 Dashboard For Everything
?Instant Super Affiliate Funnels That PROFIT Like Crazy From Day #1
Traffic & Lists Generated For 100% FREE NO EFFORT NO RISK
0 Startup Costs Or Skills, Generate Income Immediately
?Long Term, Automated Income That Continues 24/7/365
?Build A List While Making Money

You can Make Money & BUILD Monster Responsive Lists in Just 3 Steps:

  1. Select a high-quality DFY product from our library to giveaway.
  2. Auto-generate pages, select offers to promote. Add pre-loaded affiliate emails.
  3. In-built traffic lets you build huge emails lists & make passive commissions.

The biggest marketers all have funnels, and as a result, they make money from those funnels WHILE building their list!

And the beauty is… that if you do it right… you are set for LIFE!

The process works like this..

Free Traffic ? Affiliate Funnel ? Built In Autoresponder ? Earnings ? All of this Inside one Dashboard!

A super affiliate funnel WORKS because of the proven process..

  1. YOU create a high converting landing page with corresponding products and sales copy material
  2. YOU send traffic (paid or free) to the landing page.
  3. YOU give away a quality lead magnet. This created and given to you.
  4. YOU collect users information. (DFY INSIDE the software)
  5. YOU write high converting emails that sell and get high opens, engagement and clicks
    You will get customizable DFY emails inside the software.
  6. YOU email them using your autoresponder. You will be given a built in autoresponder.
  7. YOU promote high quality and high converting products and get paid. You get those too within the software.


Problem #1 – expensive tools

Expensive Autoresponder & Constant List Cleaning – High Expenses, Monthly Fees – Constant Risk Of Getting Shut Down
A professional, good and high quality autoresponder costs up to a thousands dollars per month.

Now while the autoresponder that come with profit Eagle isn’t as advanced (which is why I use Aweber for my advanced email marketing) – It is enough to save you huge fees, get your emails delivered, your profits roaring 24/7, and save you huge money, huge headaches and fear of being shutdown.

Problem #2 – SALES experience REQUIRED

Product Creation, Copywriting & Selling Skills Are Required
To create a good super affiliate funnel, you need high quality products to build your list, you need design, ideas and many other moving parts just for 1 product.

You also need to know how to sell, which means training, and copywriting is the hardest skill to master of all online skills.

Problem #3 – LACK OF authority

Need To Be (Seen As) An Expert.
Nobody buys from beginners… nobody believes them, and nobody trusts them.

Trust, credibility, professionalism, that is all in your branding.

It takes along time to build this..luckily, with profit eagle, you won’t need to wait, you get instant branding and you can start profiting and promoting right away.

Problem #4 – increasing traffic prices

Rising Prices Of Traffic & Constant Changes In Organic Traffic
It’s no secret that paid traffic is really taking a turn for the worst.

Have you noticed the increasing demand in organic and viral traffic courses and softwares? That’s because people are sick and tired of losing all of their hard earned cash on paid traffic.

Fact is – paid traffic is no longer a viable solution for beginners, and kills the success of 95% of people starting out.

Problem #5 – PROFESSIONAL website setup

Professional Website Setup, Design, Hosting & Expenses
Gone are the days where you could slap an ugly ass image on an ugly ass page and get away with it.

Today you need a professional site, design, setup, optimization must be spot on and is critical to your success.

PLUS, there are recurring expenses on domains and hosting, which you pay for before you even earn a single dollar. That’s risk.

Problem #6 – Tedious funnel setup

Profitable Affiliate Funnel Setup
CREATING an affiliate funnel has a lot of moving parts in it, landing pages, thank you pages, banner ads, design, congruency of funnel and more! This all must be created, connected and work smoothly according to the blueprint.

Fail to do this correctly and you will not make money.

Problem #7 – multiple dashboards

Multiple Dashboards In Multiple Softwares With Multiple Recurring Expenses Even BEFORE You MAKE $1
DOING this manually is the #1 killer of people’s success.

The #2 killer is buying 3, 4, 5 and even 6 different software that all do a part of the process, causing confusion and more expenses.

Profit Eagle will help you get rid of this once and for all.

Profit Eagle Is A 360 Solution That Does It All From 1 Dashboard, In A Few Clicks, Without Recurring Expenses, Paid Traffic Or Tech Knowledge.